MS3 Manhattan Is A Sleek Pocket Knife With A Titanium Handle And Ultra Sharp Blade


When you imagine a classic EDC pocket knife, you probably visualize a rugged and sturdy thing with a serious-looking handle and a large, sharp blade. You know, a knife that looks like it could be used to make a makeshift shelter and cut through anything, while still being able to fit into any pocket. You don’t imagine a sleek and stylish-looking knife that, aside from being helpful and sharp, brings a dose of luxury to the table. The MS3 Manhattan pocket knife doesn’t look like an average pocket knife, but it sure offers both form and function.

The knife is reminiscent of a scalpel, with its small, curved body and gentle lines. It really is one of the best looking pocket knifes around. The added blue anodized elements give the knife just further push the modern design formula used in crafting the MS3 Manhattan.

There’s the handy pocket clip for easy carrying and a sturdy frame lock. The knife features lighting fast deployment mechanism, with every piece perfectly machined. The company behind it, Shinola, offers a guarantee promising you a free replacement if you find any defects with your unit, showing how they are super confident in the knife’s build quality.

Talking about hardware, the knife is equipped with a titanium handle along with a super sharp blade made out of M390 stainless steel. The blade is relatively short, but it should be enough for most usage scenarios. If you want to buy one of these, visit Shinola’s webstore and get one for $295.

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$295 USD

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