MSK-1 Multi Survival Knife With Additional Survival Tools Inside the Handle Has Been Announced on Kickstarter


American designer David Polchinsky (David Polczynski), a former marine soldier and founder of the project Ultimate Survival Tips, has announced the release of a really handy and multi-function survival knife – MSK-1. He has teamed up with the American knife manufacturer Freeman Outdoor Gear and Wazoo Survival Gear brands, which specialize in  different gear and accessories for survival.

The project has been posted on a Kickstarter just recently. The concept and the idea of the knife has been developing since 2014. The knife has a fixed blade construction with various other additional features for outdoor survival.

The blade is made of American made D2 steel with tough black oxide coating applied outside. One piece of 11.3″ steel has been used for the whole knife, blade and the handle, to make it more strong and durable. The handle of the knife is formed from the lining of the textured Micarta material. MSK-1 blade features razor sharp 4.6″ fine edge center aligned clip point, hole for the lanyard and lashing and pommel fire steel strikers. The design of the handle pad has a fully removable structure fixed by two pairs of bolts under the direct slot. On the outside, there is a heightened recess for use as a drill holder with arched method of producing fire.

Completely removing the lining from the handle, the knife can be mounted on the shaft. You can also wrap the handle with the winding of 550 parachute cord. Directly under the removable pads there is the basic equipment kit for survival, consisting of sets for a fire, water, hunting, fishing and repairing the equipment.

The total length of the blade is represented by 286 mm, the blade length of 117 mm, the maximum thickness of the blade at the butt of not less than 6.4 mm. The total weight of the knife, taking into account the weight of the sheath and kit for survival, is 478 grams. The sheath has a two-component structure – Kydex thermoplastic layer was formed, which can be used separately, supplemented by an outer layer of ballistic nylon with Molle attachment and external PALS-slings.

The cost of pre-ordering the Multi-Scenario Knife (MSK-1) knife varies depending on the choice of the final set of survival tools included inside the handle. The basic kit starts with $ 280 USD. The full kit comes at$ 450 USD.

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$280 USD

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