MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter – Lightweight Alternative to Water Filters


MSR Trailshot has decided to update it’s famous MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter making them lighter, more compact and more user-friendly. Currently, there are two models available: 2L and 4L tank filters.

One of the main features of the item is that it doesn’t use pumping technology. It uses gravity so that you do not have to fast. The water filter stands out with AutFlow microfilter which cleans water fast – up to 1.75 liter per minute without a single pump stoke. Besides, it is easy to clean both the reservoir and the filter.

The MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter consists of a translucent reservoir made of dense food polyethylene. It also contains wide transparent hose with a connector and a small membrane filter with threaded fixer.

To purify the water effectively, the MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter system provides a small and light membrane filter that can purify water from 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, 99.99% of various microbes and small particles.

However, one disadvantage of the filter is that, it is not able to purify water from possible viruses, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

You can order the filter both on and on manufacturer’s website. The cost of the item ranges from $110 and $140.

$120 USD

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