Muji and Sensible 4 Unveil Gacha Autonomous Shuttle Bus for Finland



Muji is the Japanese lifestyle brand known for satisfyingly minimalist, affordable, and functional products and designs. The Finnish autonomous vehicle company Sensible 4, has teamed up with the Japanese lifestyle brand Muji to create the Gacha – all weather shuttle bus for Finnish icy roads. The fully functional Gacha bus is planned to be publicly available to all roads by 2021 in Finland. The first prototype will be tested on real traffic in March 2019.

Sensible 4 is planning to use the Gacha in extreme weather conditions – where they might be needed most. The remote aging population might not have daily access to a car. Here is where Gacha comes in. The autonomous driving bus will be transporting passengers to the countryside in Finland.  Most autonomous vehicles struggle in these conditions, therefore, they are mainly used in warmer climates.

The design of the bus has been made with monochrome colors. The curved and cubic exterior provides no distinct front or back. The minimalist spacy interior has ten seats and six standing places for passengers. The vehicle can travel 60 miles (100+ km) once charged. The Wireless Charging option is also available.

The Gacha features  4 Lidars, 8 radars, 360 deg camera vision, high precision GPS, inertia unit, control over 4GLTE/5G. It works on the 4WD electric powertrain.

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