Musvalk Knife Is A Tiny EDC Blade Made Out Of Titanium And Carbon Fiber


Hello, EDC gear lovers, today we have something special for all of you. As you probably know, almost every EDC carry knife looks awesome and if you’re looking for one you’re in trouble because picking the best EDC blade seems impossible. We wanted to ease you in your blade searching journey with one extremely interesting tool. The Musvalk knife looks better than most other models out there (a feat by itself), it is tiny enough to be carried strapped to a keychain or around the neck.

First, let’s talk about the design. You can thank the F117 Nighthawk fighter jet for Musvalk’s stealthy body. It looks like a small metallic bird of prey always ready to show its claws. Aside from being a handy piece of EDC gear, it looks so good just by wearing it as a necklace.

Also, Musvalk is the name of the smallest bird of prey in the order of falcons in Dutch, the native language of the person who designed it.

The knife is tucked in a small sheath when not used, it features a small handle that looks too tiny but can be perfectly held in your hand, and the blade itself is made out of zirconium dioxide ceramic.

Now, zirconium dioxide ceramic is a material almost as tough as diamond meaning that you don’t have to sharpen the blade, ever. The exotic material used for the blade is also very light, twenty-five percent lighter than steel while being much tougher.

The body and sheath are made out of titanium and carbon fiber, meaning your Musvalk Knife should be operational for decades. You can pre-order one on IndieGoGo for $44 with shipping starting during February 2018.

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$44 USD

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