Muv Chair Intends to Provide You Workout While You are Sitting


Zero5 Innovations has recently introduced their new product designed to correct your posture and improve your life- the Muv Chair on Kickstarter. The Muv chair intends to revolutionize your sitting habits. Developers of this chair want you to exercise and be awake while you are sitting.

According to Zero5 Innovations, and 2015 study conducted by researchers in Toronto, sitting can eventually kill you and increase the risk of various heart problems.

Some manufacturers intend to solve the issue by making you stand up while you are working, which is also a great idea. Other solutions include yoga ball chairs. However, compared to yoga ball based seats,  MUV chair will make you active while you are working.

The design of the chair includes a tractor seat which repeats the contours of your body. What makes the chair to stand out is that it creates a little bit of disbalance. The chair’s seat can rotate anywhere in 360 degrees. As a result, you will need to sit straight, with a good posture, in order not to fall. You can also adjust the height of a seat over five inches and more.

However, compared with other fitness chairs, MUV chair doesn’t let the body and posture relax while you are sitting. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing we do not know.  The brand intends to help you burn calories with this accessory.

You will be able to purchase the MUV chair for $180. The shipments are expected in August 2017.

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$155 USD

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