Nemo Cloudview Hammock Is The Best Hammock For Any Backyard


Nemo is known for their quality outdoor gear such as sleeping bags and tents. But the company also makes excellent hammocks, and the Cloudview hammock is one of the best. The hammock isn’t designed for outdoor adventures, but instead for using it in your backyard when you want to chill a bit or when friends come over, or during camping trips.


The hammock is wide and made in order not to limit your field of view. It won’t wrap you inside it, and it won’t offer superb insulation, but who cares for that anyway during their quality time on a Sunday afternoon while reading a book and chilling in the Cloudview hammock.

You can read a book, or browse the web on your tablet, all that while sipping bear of juice, or coffee. The hammock is equipped with a tablet/phone/book pocket along with a non-spill cup holder.

And instead of keeping your whole body leveled, your head will be slightly raised from your legs and backs in order to provide you a beach chair-like posture. Perfect for having a conversation or just looking at beautiful sceneries when camping.

The Cloudview hammock is made out of durable materials, and although it isn’t made for adventuring, it is durable enough to last for years. You can buy one on Amazon for $170.

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$170 USD

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