Nest Thermostat E – More Classy and Affordable

Nest, the biggest producer of home thermostats, has recently announced the release of more inexpensive almost the same featured Nest Thermostat E model. The old thermostat will also be available for purchase along with the new model. But how is Nest Thermostat E generation different?

Firstly, the new model is cheaper than the original one for $70. The original thermostat used to cost $250. The huge reduction in price has been achieved due to the use of plastic instead of metal. The case has been made using the polycarbonate, the stronger version of plastic.

Secondly, the E model has a smaller screen, 1.76-inch 320×320 screen versus 2.08-inch 480×480 compared to original Nest. However, the quality of display has not been damaged. It still glows beautifully like it did before.

Nest Thermostat E

Other differences include lack of Farsight feature which automatically turns the gadget on while you are here. Finally, it doesn’t support HVAC units, like its older brother does. You can order the product via Amazon, eBay or

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$170 USD

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