Neverquit Socks


Nowadays, the high techonology and innovations are touching the socks too. The Highstance Canadian company which focuses on innovating various clothes and apparel. Their products usually go against fashion, but that doesn’t make their apparel less appealing. On the contrary, the Highstance products are very attractive and good quality.

The brand has recently introduced a new generation of Neverquit Socks at Kickstarter. The socks stand out with high-quality materials and stable construction. What makes the socks unique is that it contains hexagon footpads which absorb the shock and protects your feet from unexpected damage. Moreover, the socks use an advanced cushioning system for improving the air circulation around your feet.

Besides, the socks are completely free of odor because of the medical-grade zinc oxide treatment. This kind of treatment kill the bacteria effectively, leaving them no chance to survive. Compared to anti-bacterial treatments, zinc oxide doesn’t develop the resistance amongst the germs.

The sock itself is made of a soft fiber. The design of the socks is a bit different than original ones. It has an ergonomic l-share structure, specially designed taking account various states of your feet.

You can pre-order two pairs of socks for $42 at Kickstarter. Estimated shipment dates is April 2017.


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$42 USD

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