Nokia is Releasing its Old 3310 Phone


If you remember the old Nokia 3310, then you should know how precious this phone was. It was so firm and stable so that you could throw it down several times and it would survive! Right now, the Nokia has decided to revolve the phone after 17 years of its first launch. The more information about the details will be available through upcoming MWC conference in Barcelona.

The gadget is expected to cost around €59. We don’t know yet whether it’ll be an old phone itself or whether it will have the advanced features like a video camera, wi-fi connectivity, etc… What we know for sure is that it will have long battery life and virtually indestructible case.

Just to remind you, the Nokia has stopped manufacturing phones since the introduction of smartphones. And yet, you can still find its phones at Ebay and classifieds.

Nokia is also planning to release a couple of android run phones – Nokia 3, 5, and 6.

 We believe that it’ll be a hit for the market. We really miss minimalism and long battery life.
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$65 USD

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