NowPresso Can Churn Out A Perfect Cup Of Espresso Anywhere And Anytime


Coffee lovers know how hard it is when you can’t get a cup of the source of your life energy. Or even worse, when the only coffee you can have is so weak it shouldn’t even bear the name of this life-saving beverage. For all of you who hate the coffee machine in your office, and for those who mush drink espresso even if when on top of the mountain, we have a perfect choice. Meet the NowPresso, a portable espresso machine capable of delivering a tasty cup of coffee anywhere and anytime.

Firstly, the NowPresso is surprisingly small and portable. The device sports the same size as an average thermos bottle meaning you can put in inside any backpack, in case you want a morning coffee while camping and trailing, and it also can fit most day packs and messenger bags. Now, you finally have a proper espresso machine which you can take anywhere with you.

The contraption works rather simple. Just fill it with water, place a Nespresso or an SS espresso Capsule, press the button and wait for the water to boil, and then just pour coffee into the cup. The NowPresso uses a rechargeable battery for power, and you can know its level at all times via a small indicator placed on the top of the device.

Once it depletes, you can charge it with a standard micro USB charger, or a car charger that’s supplied in the selling package. The NowPresso can be yours for $170, and you can pre-order one on IndieGoGo with shipping starting November 2017.

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$170 USD

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