Nuimo is the Seamless Smart Home Interface that Controls Internet of Things


There are a lot of smart devices that connect to the internet. The smart devices that control your home like Nest Thermostat, Ecobee have their own connection to your smartphone. Nuimo is one of the smart home controllers that help you to interact with your Internet of Things appliances. It has been introduced on Kickstarter last year, gathering 150% more than it was requested.

You might think that you do not need a universal device for controlling your internet of things, all your appliances are already connected to your smartphone. However, if you own a couple of smart home devices you will know that it involves a lot of clicks and too much time to control each one from your phone. Nuimo has developed another Nest like interface so that you could be able to turn on lights, switch on the music, and unlock your door with just two clicks.

Nuimo has just four controls just like any other smart home device. It incorporates capacitive touch, gesture recognition, and a 360-degree analog ring. With a little bit of learning and getting used to it, you would be able to run your home seamlessly. Consequently, you will be able to unlock your door and turn on your lights almost at the same time.

There is a LED matrix interface that shows which module you are working with. If you are ever wondering why there is no touchscreen based glass display, the company stated that they developed it in an intuitive way to eliminate the need for another display.

The cool part about the gadget is that you will be able to add as many IoT devices as you like to your Nuimo. Currently, it supports the following products and apps:

However, the list is only going to increase because the Nuimo app is made on the open platform. For us, it means that the developers will be able to add more integrations in the future.

You can buy the Nuimo for 320 Euros on the manufacturer’s website.

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$320 USD

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