OLAF Bags With Built-In Scooter


Hand luggages with built in mechanisms for movement are becoming more popular. The canadian enthusiasts have come up with 2 versions of travel suitcases with built in scooter, OLAF Urban and OLAF Business. They both both give you fun of a scooter with the functionality of a backpack or a full-sized carry-on suitcase. How OLAF suitcases are different from other bags with built-in scooters? Well with OLAF ones, any of your bags can be attached to comfortable carrying hands and scooters. You can remove bags, and it’ll just be scooter.It is designed to be very convenient and fast. It can hendle up to 220lbs. weight. The project has already collected on Kickstarter to launch the production of the desired amount (about $ 30 thousand.) The product of this new enthusiasts will be ready in January next year.

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$270 USD

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