Omnicharge Is The Power Bank To Rule Them All


Portable power banks are needed more than ever. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, all these products use batteries and in more cases than not you’ll need a power bank, sooner or later. No matter if you listen to the music on your smartphone all the time, or you are a freelancer who likes working anywhere except inside their house on their laptop, most devices feature batteries that can’t really provide a whole day of heavy usage. And let us not mention camping, or visiting a music festival where the first thing you’ll be looking is power outlet to charge your phone. With the Omnicharge all empty battery nightmares are gone since this baby can charge virtually anything and it comes with a plethora of charging ports along with a huge battery.

When you look at it, the Omnicharge looks like some modern router. Industrial design doctrine was the main guide when constructing the device. It features a simple, yet eye-catching look that doesn’t do wonders but is pleasant to the eye.

The power bank features lots of ports capable of hooking up with almost any modern device. You can find to USB-C along with two full-sized (USB-A) connectors, meaning that you can charge up to 4 different devices at the same time, if you have enough charging cables. The power bank can charge all laptops sporting the USB-C port with ease, such as new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, along with most Windows laptops from past two years. The bank comes with a support for the Nintendo Switch, and basically, any device that can be connected to it.

And don’t worry about your device getting too much power. The Omnicharge can recognize which type of a device you hooked to it, and adjust the power output accordingly. One USB-C can deliver up to 60W of charging power for your laptops, while the two USB-A ports can deliver 5V/3A each, enough for most smartphones, tablets, action cameras, and portable speakers. The device comes with a 20,100mAh battery, enough to fully charge the iPhone 7 more than ten times or a regular laptop up to two times. When depleted, the battery inside Omnicharge can charge in three hours via the regular USB-C charger.

The device supports file transfer so you can connect your flash drive, external hard drive, smartphone, or any other device you want to your laptop and transfer files while charging, a handy feature especially for owners of new MacBook models that come with only one USB-C port. You can even charge the Omnicharge and one or more device simultaneously. A small OLED screen displays the battery percentage along with its temperature so you always know when it is time to connect the power bank to a power outlet.

You can pre-order the Omnicharge via IndieGoGo market for $169, and for just $20 more you can get a protective case for the device as well.

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$169 USD

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