ORA GQ Headphones Delivers Unmatched Sound Quality


Graphene is a revolutionary material that has some really cool properties. It is 200 times stronger than steel, it is almost completely transparent, and it is an excellent conductor. The material has many forms (more than a dozen) and it has lots of potential applications, most of them being purely hypothetical at the moment. There are some practical uses for it though; BAC Mono, a sports single-seater is the world’s first production car with a chassis made out of graphene. There are also graphene-based touch screens and supercapacitors. And now we have graphene headphones, the ORA GQ.

ORA GQ is high-tech headphones that offer superb audio quality. The headphones feature ear cups made out of wood with a closed back design, providing a high level of sound isolation. They are wireless and can pair with different devices via Bluetooth. A simple but effective touchpad located on the right ear cup can be used for controlling the music and changing volume. All is done with gesture controls – a simple tap will play or pause a song, you can slide over touchpad for skipping songs, scroll clockwise to turn the volume up, and counterclockwise to turn it down. Simple gesture-based controls enable the user to focus on the most important thing, the music.

ORA GQ features a 3.5 mm audio jack for times you don’t have enough battery left for playing music, a USB-C connector for charging, and a Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. As you can see, the headphones are the top-of-the line, both in design and quality, but we still haven’t talked about their most interesting features.

The ORA GQ are the first headphones to feature membranes made out of graphene. This doesn’t have to sound exciting, but it really is. Graphene membranes are much more advanced than standard mylar membranes. Since the material is stronger than steel and lighter than the paper it can be used to construct speaker membranes able to deliver crystal clear sound, almost completely distortion-free.

Graphene membranes have an incredible frequency response, compared to regular speakers. If you check out the graph available on the product’s IndieGoGo page, you’ll see that the response is practically flawless, impossible to achieve with regular membranes. Graphene also enables much better sound imaging, unmatched audio precision, and it needs less electric power to deliver audio. For instance, when graphene is used for membranes, the battery can last up to 70 percent longer than with standard membranes.

ORA GQ are headphones of the future. Believe us when we say that soon, you’ll start seeing more and more graphene speakers and headphones because the material is capable of delivering rich and accurate sound image regular speakers just aren’t capable of. With ORA GQ you will experience the best possible sound, with the only problem being your smartphone’s storage space, filled to the top with high-quality digital audio formats, like FLAC. Really, if you use headphones this good, mp3 (and other lossy audio formats) are out of the question. You can pre-order ORA GQ headphones on IndieGoGo market for $300, and if you reserve your pair, be sure to equip your smartphone with a microSD with a capacity of at least 256GB.

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$300 USD

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