OtterBox Venture Coolers Can Hold Ice For Two Weeks


Otterbox is well known for producing durable phone cases. But this week, the company decided to expand the production to produce the outdoor coolers. New Venture coolers can hold ice for two weeks. And yet, they are portable enough to carry them with you just like Yeti.

The coolers come in three sizes Venture 25, 45, and 65. The coolers have sturdy snap latches and durable side handles for ease of carrying. What makes the coolers so cool inside is the bear resistant technology by which ice can be kept at super cold temperatures longer than needed.

Besides Otterbox venture provides a bottle opener, dry box clip, cutting board, side table cup holders and a dry storage tray.The coolers are equipped with sturdy snap latches and durable side handles that also serve as tie-down anchors make it easy to carry.

As for the price, it starts from $249.99 for the 25-quart version. You can pre-order it from Otterbox website


$250 USD

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