OXO Ground Meat Chopper Allows You to Be Chef at the Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking, you must know that defrosting ground meat is one of the hardest tasks. It usually takes several hours before you will be able to cook. There are some trays which help you to defrost meat quickly. Or, you can always use the microwave. However, if you need to fry your ground beef, you might have problems even with fully defrosted meat. It can still be very sticky to your pan and it might be hard to separate parts from each other.
OXO ground meat chopper helps you to cope with that “difficult” task. However, apart from avoiding ground meat from sticking to the pan, the copper actually has a variety of different cool uses: mixing all ingredients of meat balls in a bowl very quickly, mixing up steamed food and vegetables and more. Being dishwasher friendly, it also breaks apart frozen juice, soups, and stews.
The accessory has silicone blades and the top has been made out of nylon, silicone, and plastic. It is resistant to heat and safe with non-stick pans. The handle of the chopper has the non-slippery coating. If you are worried whether the device is resistant to heat, then, don’t worry, it will last you long, even if you use it frequently.
You can purchase OXO Ground Meat Chopper at Amazon and at manufacturer’s website. The expected price is slightly more than $10.
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$12 USD

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