Pakpod Is A Tripod For True Adventurers


Photographers who like to take photos underwater, or while hitting the trails can’t use most tripods on the market. They need something light but durable, something capable of surviving elements; they need the Pakpod. The Pakpod tripod won’t take lots of space inside a backpack, is easy to set up, and is water resistant allowing you to take breathtaking underwater shots.

The tripod is built out of rugged materials (stainless steel and high-impact ABS plastic) and is capable of surviving lots of beating. The central part of the device is its three legs that can be placed in asymmetrical positions with a twist of a single knob. This allows for snapping perfect photos, videos, and time-lapse videos on even the most unwelcome terrain.

Tripod’s legs end in pivoting stakes, allowing for securing the Pakpod into snow, sand, gravel, turf, or any other soft surface. The tripod is compatible with action cameras, most smartphones, mirrorless cameras, and latest 360-degree cameras.  It works underwater, giving you a perfect tool for making otherworldly underwater footage.

The Pakpod weighs in at just under one pound making it one extremely portable tripod that can fit into any backpack. If you’re off for some outdoor adventuring and want to make some beautiful photos and videos, you won’t find a better tripod that Pakpod. You can get in on Amazon for $89.

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$89 USD

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