Panasonic Has a Weird Device To Help With Focus and Concentration


Can you achieve the productivity with devices like these?

Panasonic’s R&D department – the Future Life Factory has designed and developed a device that helps workers to focus better in a workspace. Wear Space, intends to focus on work by controlling your field of vision and assisting with noise cancellation. The insides are equipped with a couple of noise-canceling headphones. On the outside, it looks like a combination of a hat and a scarf.

The device weighs just 330 grams (about 12 ounces) and you wear it like you would wear ordinary headphones. Taking it in and off is very easy. The sides of the peripheral device block the background side views enabling you to concentrate better.

Although the device is not yet commercially available for purchase, the Panasonic has made a lot of buzz about the product and it has been showcased in a number of tech events. Wear Space was featured as one of the “best of the best” at the Red Dot Award 2017. The device was previously displayed in March at SXSW 2018 and also at Japan House in Los Angeles. Currently, you can only purchase this device only if you live in Japan and only through funding the crowdfunding project.

While the device looks a little weird, the fact that companies are searching for the solution for workplace distractions tells a lot. According to Udemy survey, 54% of workers said that they are not performing as well as they should. 50% of people agree that they are significantly less productive due to distractions. states that employees waste 759 hours each year due to workplace distractions. The distractions are responsible for the average worker wasting 60 hours every month. Employees can blame social media, chatty and loud colleagues and even whether to justify their lack of focus.

Noisy workplaces were the main cause of distraction, disturbing more than three in 10 workers, while almost a quarter blamed slow computers or a bad internet connection. Another 23% of respondents said looking at their mobile phone interrupts their work flow.

While it is clear that the Panasonic device can actually be useful, there are still several other factors to resolve. I believe that the lack of focus and concentration is a more inner problem. Blocking all the distractions and reducing the viewing angle can certainly help, but the root cause of low concentration levels should be deeper than that. I believe personal coaching and training would yield much better results in employee concentration than weird devices that make you look funny.

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