ParaWallet Is A Perfect Wallet For Survival Cards


If you have one of those credit-card sized survival multi-tools, we have a perfect wallet to stash it. The ParaWallet is a wallet made out of paracord, and it can get in handy during any adventure.


First off, the wallet is made out of 50ft of para cord, the ultra-resistant cord which you can use in any way possible, no matter if climbing mountains isn’t your daily routine. And next, we have a set of tools needed to start a fire with.

There’s all in there, a ferrocerium fire starter rod, a stainless steel emblem, and even a small tinder. So now no matter where you go you’ll have a multi-tool in the form of a wallet, and a flawless place to stash your EDC gear.

There is a crazy amount of color choices; there are like 36 in total to choose from. It really does look different and unique, like stitched together with thread while it really isn’t. Honestly, for a wallet and for a possible fashions accessory, it looks pretty cool. When talking about wallet features, the ParaWallet comes with room for cash and up to two sets of credit, or any other, cards.

The best thing is that, if you do end up using the cord or a fire set thus, of course, ruining your wallet in the process the company making them will reassemble it for free if you send them the story of how and why you used it. You can buy the multi-tool wallet on Amazon, for $65.

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$65 USD

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