PITAKA New Wallet Is A Modular, RFID-Blocking Wallet Made Out Of Carbon Fiber


Wallets are one of the oldest and most famous fashion accessories. We owned them even before paper money came into existence, and we still use them today when credit cards and electronic payment systems slowly take over, sending cash into history. If you want a wallet that is both stylish and practical, capable of taking cash and all of your credit cards, you should definitely check out the PITAKA New Wallet.

It is built out of carbon fiber, making it both strong as steel and light as a feather. On top of that, the wallet is designed in modular fashion, with six different modules for storing cash, credit cards, keys, change, and more. The wallet’s modules are connected by strong magnets, allowing for quick and easy replacement. You can combine modules whichever way you want, depending on your needs.

Aside from being a super slim wallet that looks amazing, the PITAKA New Wallet is also capable of keeping your cards secure. It has a built-in Anti-Degaussing module that keeps magnetic strip cards safe from magnetic fields (and potentially from accessing their data), and it also features RFID-Blocking tech preventing hackers from accessing your credit cards.

On top of that, you have a choice between Money Clip for storing cash, a Box Layer for keys and coins, as well as Multi-Tool module featuring bottle opener and screw driver. If it had an external battery, the PITAKA New Wallet would be the best wallet we ever saw. At least it looks the best and features modular capabilities. You can pre-order one on IndieGoGo for $79 (Basic Edition), or you can select bundles with more modules but get ready to pay extra for each additional module.

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$79 USD

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