Qmplete Smart Wallet Card Intends to Digitize your Traditional Wallet


If you think about it, the design and the functionality of wallets have stayed more or less the same even in our digital smart age. Qmplete is a startup which tries to revolutionize how we use wallets and store cards.

The concept is very simple.

You will carry only one card, the Qmplete card which is integrated with dynamic EMV chip and a magnetic strip that stores information about all your credit cards inside. When making a payment for the gas, for example, you will need to select the relevant card from which you want to pay and go.

Qmplete card

The smart wallet rewards you with points that are added up every time you make a purchase. You can redeem those points eventually. The point rewards work with major food chain restaurants like McDonald’s and it will eventually work with other retail stores. Whether or not you will be able to redeem points from the online purchases is not clear.

The card has a thin AM-OLED touchscreen display, Bluetooth connection support, and charges through NFC port. Apparently, the brand takes the security issues seriously. Qmplete is PCI compliant, meaning that it offers all the security that credit cards should offer in our days. You can view and validate every transaction. Once lost, it’ll lock and erase all the personal information before it gets to criminals. Even if the criminals to find the card, they can’t use it without being connected to the app through the smartphone.

One more benefit of the smart wallet is that it is possible to make money transfers both between your credit cards and between the Qmplete cards. The company promises lower fees and less hassle when transferring the money.

The crowdfunding campaign will start soon on Indiegogo.com. The pricing information is not available yet. We will be watching this product closely and follow up with release dates.

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