Raden A22 Smart Luggage is a Smart Suitcase Made of Strong Materials


A number of startups have emerged in these two years, who are specialized in creating the smart suitcase. Raden A22 is a smart suitcase with power charging, smart app connectivity, self weighing handle, TSA lock, the bag made with very strong materials.

The suitcase comes in eight colors and styles. The bag pays a lot of attention to details, including smoother wheels and reversed Japanese zippers.

Raden Smart Suitcase

The main difference between other smart suitcases is the usage of hard case made of water-resistant polycarbonate Markrolon material. The material is strong enough to resist tension and strikes in the airport.

The height of the bag measures 14 inches in height, 22 inches in width and 9 inches on side.

The Raden A22 is equipped with a number of useful features. It has a Bluetooth Low Energy technology which tells you when your suitcase is not around. The  ergonomic carry handle provides a scale to determine your luggage weight.

Raden Smart Suitcase Handle

There is an integrated 7,800mAh battery which allows you to charge your phone up to four times via two 2.1A USB ports. You can charge two devices simultaneously.

The iOS app tells you a lot of details about your luggage and it also shows  weather, traffic, public transportation, flight details, and Uber hailing.

Raden IOS App

The smart suitcase costs $295 USD and it can be ordered from Raden’s website.

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$295 USD

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