Ravean Heated Ultra-Light 80g Mid-Layer Jacket


Recently, the brand Ravean, which focuses on producing various heated items, has started their official Ravean Heated Ultra-Light 80g Mid-Layer Jacket campaign on Kickstarter. The jacket offers internal batteries which can heat you in cold conditions and charges your gadgets. The company has already gathered 15 times more than the required funding as of today. Therefore, early bird options are not available. The product will be available in August 2017.

From the design side, the jacket looks like any other ordinary pullover that you can find on the market. It’s size comfortably wraps out your body, making it available to use another layer of coats on top of it. Moreover, there is also a heating hood provided by the company, which you can purchase separately.

Coming to the materials, the jacket uses Carbon Fiber and nylon as base materials. What makes the jacket unique, is the availability of internal batteries which serves two purposes. The first one is heating you in cold weather conditions up to  -4ºF or -12 C. Secondly, the batteries can charge your gadgets in 90 minutes up to four times with a full charge. According to a manufacturers, there are no safety issues regarding the heating element, because they use the patented technology  for batteries.

The thrilling fact about jacket is, it is completely waterproof and safe for washers. You can wash the jacket many times and be sure that heating element is not damaged. However, there is one critical caveat though. Manufacturers do not advise to wash the jacket in high temperatures.

You can preoder Ravean Heated Ultra-Light 80g Mid-Layer Jacket from Kickstarter for $160.

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$160 USD

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