The Spanish Knife Brand Cudeman Launches a New Knife Series – REF. 291 Boina Verde Cadete


The Spanish knife brand Cudeman, known for innovative knives, has recently introduced a new knife series with a long Spanish name – Ref. 291 Cadete Boina Verde. The new model represents the shorter version of their Ref 299 knife. Currently, there are six models available for the same Ref 291 version- 291-M, 291-MC, 291-K, 291-KC, 291-X, 291-XC. These models differ from each other with the color of the handle and general decoration.

The good part about the Cudeman is that all knives of the Ref 291 series have a full-tang design. The ground blade is made of stainless steel of Böhler N695 model. Its hardness ranges between 59-61 HRC. Böhler N695 is a German chromium stainless steel well known for high hardness, wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance in the hardened and tempered condition.

As for the handle, all models, except 291-K and 291-KC, are made of Micarta material colored either in black or beige. To contrast, the handle of 291-K and 291-KC models is made of natural wood. Cudeman uses steel bolts with the standard hexagonal slot to fix the cover plates.

Additionally,  the knives in all series provide two holes for the lanyard, glass breaker, wire breaker, jimping on the spine and bullet opener. The presented 291-M, 291-K and SKU 291-X knives come only with sheath, whereas 291-MC, 291-KC, and 291-XC models come with a paracord, a small multitool and a grind bar, on the reverse side of which there are a ruler and a solar compass.

Depending on the choice of model, the cost of knives varies from $100 to $140. You can order the knife both in Cudeman website and through the official showcase on amazon.

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$140 USD

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