reMarkable Paper Tablet – a Gadget for Paperless World


Today, no gadget ever can completely replace the old paper and pen. However, there are some gadgets which provide almost similar experience. One of them is reMarkable paper tablet. It aims to offer you paper-like experience combined with the convenience of digital world. You won’t need to print stuff, thus wasting valuable paper. You also won’t need to carry several notebooks.

reMarkable Paper Tablet

The appearance of the tablet reminds you of your iPad with a pen. However, comparing to iPad, you can’t check your email, read social messages or get notifications. You can compare the device with Kindle. However, the difference is that,  you can’t write and sketch on Kindle. Besides, ReMarkable is twice bigger than kindle. What you can only do in this device is, only read and write. No distractions.


Coming to features, reMarkable measures 10.3-inch in length. It has 226 PPI E Ink display with 1,872×1,404-pixel resolution. The surface material looks like a paper and it feeels like it too.  The pen which comes with reMarkable paper tablet has 2,048 pressure sensitivity and zero lag. Moreover, the device offers the 8GB of storage which gives you lots of space for reading, writing and storing documents. It can be synchronized to reMarkable’s cloud service which you can access, iOS and Android devices.

reMarkable Paper Tablet



Currently, you can preorder reMarkable Paper Tablet for the discounted price of $379. The expected shipment date is approximately in August 2017.

$379 USD

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