RinseKit is a Portable Shower which Delivers Hot Water With Pressure Without Pumps and Batteries


RinseKit is the first portable shower which can pour a hot water with pressure of a garden hose without  having pumps or batteries. It comes with a special heating unit for heating the water up to 100F.

Although the device looks complicated at first, it is actually simple. The RinseKit simply stores the water pressure from your hose spigot for a later use, using the patented technology invented by the founder Chris Crawford and his team. If you do not have hose spigot, you can replace it with the special bag called Field Fill Kit which contains a bag and a hose for filling out the RinseKit tank. You will then need to apply pressure to the water you have just filled with a bike pump. If you live in an apartment and have no access to garden’s hose spigot, there is a special sink adapter which can create exactly the same pressure as a hose spigot.

RinseKit Portable Shower

RinseKit consists of an 14″ (355.6mm) tall tank and a hose. The tank can store 2 gallons(7.5 liters) of water. There is a removable lid and a little space for storing the heating unit, a hose and all the accessories. The hose contains of a nozzle, quick connect adapter and from on/off valve.

RinseKit Lid


The portable shower unit is created from tough virgen PE and ABS plastics. Both materials are resistant to corrosion and rust. They are very durable and safe. You can even drink water from those materials.

RinseKit is available for order from the Kickstarter Page or from Amazon for $90 USD.

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$90 USD

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