Rockbook I’mStone Notebook is Made out of Stone


We used to write on stones before the humankind invented the paper around 100 BC in China. During the 8th century, the papermaking became popular and it began spreading to the world. Due to the papermaking the books evolved and spread. We can never underestimate the role paper played in the history of our civilization.

However, today, the importance of paper comes under the huge costs. Cutting the trees causes one of the major problems with the environment. Everyone knows how important it is to preserve the trees for our future generation.

Rockbook I’m Stone notebooks makes one of the important steps in cutting the production of paper. Rockbook notebooks are made out of stone, a little drop of water, air, and glue. As a result, you get the notebook that is waterproof, easy to erase and write off, durable product that could ultimately replace the paper production in the 21st century.

Rockbook is not the first notebook that came up with using the paper stone.  However, it is one of the only companies that created a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign has already gathered more money than it was requested.

The Rockbook I’m Stone features 208-page long notebook,  rounded spine, rewritable and waterproof texture. You can write on the notebook with an ink pen, ballpoint pen, a pencil and  Frixion pen. You can erase your writings on ink pen.

Apart from being eco-friendly, minimalistic product, the notebook features NUT Smart Tag which is an optional add-on. It is designed to help keep track of your notes.  It’s a Bluetooth tracker insert with a two-way notification system. It notifies you of the loss and theft.

There is also the Anti-Theft Stone Binder designed to keep your information safe from scanning devices. You can place several of your cards on the binder.  The actual notes on paper can be scanned with any scanning app on your smartphone.

Nevertheless, it is unclear from the campaign the kind of stone is used in production process. There are some disadvantages of classic stone papers, including not being completely biodegradable and light sensitivity.

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