RollerSafe – the First Rollers With Electronic Disc Brakes


RollerSafe AS is a Norwegian company that develops the world’s first single-row roller skates with built-in electronic disc brakes. You can control the brake mechanism wirelessly, using the hidden shield which you wear on your hand. As a result, you can safely ride the rollers or skateboards without worrying about how to stop.  The brake mechanism is controlled by a wireless controller, which is hidden in the shield that covers the rider’s hand.

The RS Smart Brake technology is already available and patented. The braking system has won several design and innovation awards. With this technology, the users can control the speed of rollers and skateboards in any situation. Moreover, you can customize the braking mechanism depending on your weight and riding patterns.

Rollersafe uses radio-based mechanism into a receiver in the ski that controls the hydraulic braking mechanism. The user holds a small trigger-based controller while riding. By simply flicking the system on the finger, the riders control the speed and stop when they need.

What is cool about RS Smart Brake is that it is already used in commercial roller skis. In the future, you will be able to integrate the Smart Brake mechanism to any commercial rollers or ski. At least, this is what the company is planning for near future. Currently, RollerSafe ski is still in the prototyping stages.

However, you can purchase classic Rollersafe roller skis with integrated smart brake mechanism prototype as a limited offer in company’s website.




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