Real Steel Introduced RSK G3 Puukko- a New Series of Pocket Knives


The Chinese trademark of Real Steel Knives (RSK) has started receiving pre-orders for a whole new series of daily folding knives RSK G3 Puukko. The Polish master Ostap Helom is a designer of the new series of knives. There are two models in the series, model G3 Puukko Duplex and G3 Puukko Scandi. They differ only with the design of the handle and blade shape.

The blade of RSK G3 Puukko is made of stainless steel grade Sandvik 14C28N. The blade has a lock type of Frame-Lock and it extracts exclusively with flipper.Coming to the handle, in order to produce nice looking and durable handle, the manufacturers used the Chinese corrosion-resistant stainless martensitic 3Cr14. There is a small clip at the end of the handle which you can attach to your pocket.

The total length of the disclosed pocket knives RSK G3 Puukko Duplex and RSK G3 Puukko Scandi do not exceed 207 mm in length. The length when closed makes up 112 mm. Weight of the knives is around 133 grams.

You can pre-order the knife directly from the website of the manufacturer. The expected price is $105.

$105 USD

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