Ruike Knives Criterion Collection L51


Usually, we write about products that we liked from various manufacturers across the globe. Coming to multi-tools, we love the quality of US-made and European standards. However, there are some Chinese brands out there which also perform well in terms of quality and functionality. The RUIKE trademark belongs to Chinese brand Fenix. It specializes in producing various forms of knives and cutlery. RUIKE has recently introduced a new multi-tool RUIKE Criterion L51, which will become available in coming days at their official website. The multi-tool is available in black and olive colors.

RUIKE Criterion L51 folding pocket multi-tool effectively combines at least 23 different tools. It includes a knife with a blade length of up to 85 mm and a maximum thickness of at least 3 mm. The set of tools contains wood saw, small pliers, glass braker, scissors, an awl, a staple cut, a cullet, a blade for stripping, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a tweezer, a ring for a tambour, and several screwdrivers with a straight and a cross-shaped slot.

All tools are made of stainless steel of Sandvik 12C27 model.  This type of steel is very common in multi-tools, probably because it retains a good edge and it’s very rust-resistant. You can extract the multitool’s blade using small subungual cavity.

The handle, on the other hand, is made using G10 of black or olive colors. There is a removable steel clip for ease of wearing.

RUIKE Criterion L51 has a price tag $ 55, excluding the delivery. The sales of an item should begin in the coming weeks.

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$55 USD

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