Runbell, Frustration Free Urban Running


Not all the cities have a track for runners, or they are far away from the place of residence amateur sport and a healthy lifestyle. We sometimes have to run straightly along the urban streets filled with people. By the way, in Tokyo, I often met runners enthusiasts running through the streets of the city, and that is why was created as an accessory Runbell. This bell is almost the same as on bikes, but adapted for manual use. It is made of brass, looks good and sounds cool. Pleasant and sonorous sound of the bell, far and clearly audible, plus it clearly makes it clear ahead of reaching people that it would be necessary to clear the road. It is much is it easier to ring on the bell than shouting something like “give me a way, plz!”  – Why should we put additional pressure to our voice? The runbell will be available in two sizes, for women and for men. For those who have thin fingers, the set includes a pair of silicone inserts, and if you’re wearing gloves, you just take off the silicone ring and the call will sit tight on a frost free hand. A first shipment Runbell scheduled for the end this year.


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$25 USD

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