With The Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler, You Can Come Down To The Beach In June And Leave In September


Summer is upon us, in just a couple of days temperature got from “okay this in not so bad” to “oh my god, I need an extra air conditioner.” Sun is scorching the ground and if you live in the city, the combination of smoldering asphalt and the unrelenting sun can really make you feel like living in the middle of Sahara. If only the nights were as cold as out there in the desert. No worries though, because with the Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler you can get a giant cooler for all the bear in the world along with a pretty powerful portable A/C unit.

Ryobi Cooler

For starters, the Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler looks pretty sleek, like a miniature ice-cool trailer serving as a giant beer stash. It features a handle and two wheels for moving it around with ease, and the combination of frosty grey, dimmed black and sun-scorched green give the cooler an urban look that will look nice both in the middle of the forest while camping and onto of your apartment’s roof when deciding to organize a summer roof party.

You can take in with you when going on the beach, or just park it in your backyard and stay there, for the whole summer. The Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler can take a lot. It has 50 quarts of internal space, more than enough for lots of beer, a couple of pounds of meat and potatoes, seasoning, and all other needed for the unforgettable barbecue.

Ryobi cooler

On top of the pretty lavish amount of internal space, the cooler also features two compartments on top for keeping your phone, tablet, sunglasses, wallet, pocket knife, and other stuff you carry with you but don’t want to put it in your pockets, or in a duffel bag. Overall, there’s plenty of space both on the ice and on the top compartments.

The special feature Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler offers is a proper A/C unit that can radiate cool air for four straight hours when on battery. Find a plug (hope your roof has one) and keep it cool indefinitely. This cooler is perfect for the summer, just grab a laptop, and tell your boss you’ll work from home for the summer. Pick a nice spot with an AC socket, and enjoy the summer and laugh at the sun.

Ryobi Cooler

The Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler can be yours for just $199. For the price, this awesome cooler offers an A/C unit that can turn the summer into an early spring no matter where you are. Now that you’ve found a perfect cooler, it is time to decide whether you want to go to camping, stay at home and throw some meat on the grill, go onto the roof and make a party for all neighbors (well, just for the ones you like), or take a stroll down to the beach. The decision is up to you.

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