Saddle Baby – Hands Free Shoulder Carrier for Children


There are a lot of ergonomical carrier solutions for mommies rather then for daddies. Daddies enjoy having their children on their shouldiers. Therefore, SaddleBaby designed carrier solution for shouldiers of dads which is safe and totally convenient. With SaddleBaby, there are fasteners to hold child’s legs (which is done by hands of dads usually).It uses high quality materials likepolyurethane foam combined by lightweight and sturdy Dynatec Nylon. All materials used in manufacturing have been tested and approved by the US CPSIA. It is perfect for walking in the parks, strolling in supermarkets, and hiking. It’s disadvantage is that you can’t do more, like running and doing other sports. And it is not well designed for women with breasts.It is worth waiting for carrier solutions that let you do more.

Saddle Baby - Hands Free Shoulder Carrier for Children

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