Samsung CHG90 Is A 49-inch, Curved Ultrawide Monitor For The Most Demanding Gamers And Professionals


We want our monitors to be able to show us the whole picture. You know, we want for them to be able to house multiple windows so we don’t have to alt-tab the whole time, especially if a multi-window desktop is a part of our daily job. Programmers and designers know this perfectly, that’s why they often decide to equip their home desktops with multi-monitor setup so they can be maximally productive, to be able to put the alt-tab combo to rest, to not worry about having to switch between windows. This is where the Samsung CHG90 jumps in, giving the professionals a top-of-the-line solution that will make multi-monitor setups pretty much redundant.

The same can be said for hardcore gamers. They don’t want to be placed on a couch in front of a giant TV, they want to have a huge, ultrawide monitor that’s able to give them the best experience possible, and the Samsung CHG90 can become their next wet dream.

You see, the latest Samsung’s monitor is a proper beast. It will make your computer table to beg for mercy with its dimensions. With its 49-inch screen size and a 32:9 aspect ratio it is the widest monitor available. But Samsung didn’t stop there. The Samsung CHG90 features a 3,840 x 1,080 ultra-ultra-wide resolution, enough to make your eyes tear with joy every time you see the monitor in action. This beast also features Samsung’s QLED technology. Quantum Dot LED technology offers the best possible image quality with immense color accuracy.

The Samsung CHG90 is perfect for gaming, although Samsung does state that playing multiplayer FPS games on this behemoth might count as cheating because you can see much more than your opponents, being able to lock an opponent coming from your side before they even notice you saw them.

For professionals, the monitor is perfect because it can show up to six full windows at once. Yes, using one CHG90 is like using six regular monitors, minus the bezels, making this one the best choice for graphic designers, programmers, and editors. It can also show Excel column BG in native resolution meaning that working in Excel can finally be a chore-free experience because you can see literally all data at once! The CHG90 supports HDR along with AMD’s Radeon FreeSync 2 technology, allowing ultra-low-latency 1-milisecond response time and a 144Hz screen refresh rate. In terms of specs, the CHG90 comes with all.

When we talk about connectivity options, the Samsung CHG90 is equipped with DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, and three USB 3.0 ports; that means you can hook up literally anything, except devices sporting USB-C ports, but there’s dongle for that. And, as a cherry on the cake, the beastly wall screen can run two inputs at once. You can hook up a PS4 and your PC to it, and play games on both devices at once! It’s just crazy really.

Of course, the immense joy from looking at the device withers away once you hear the price. The 49-inch model will be sold for $1,499. The smaller versions (named CHG70) will sell for $699 for the 32-inch model and $599 for the 27-inch version. You can pre-order all three models today on Amazon and they are expected to ship late July or early August.

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$1,499 USD

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