Samsung Cinema LED Screen is a Monstrous 35-Foot TV Made for Theaters


Okay, you probably have seen giant TVs before. These days making a huge TV or a PC monitor (which also must be ultra-wide btw) is becoming the latest competition among tech companies. LG and Samsung presented the most interesting products (especially Samsung with its huge, 49-icnch ultra-wide CHG90 PC monitor), with Vizio releasing a $120,000 120-inch 4K TV, which also piqued our interest. But with its latest Cinema LED Screen, Samsung made homework for other companies.

The thing is huge, it features a screen with a diagonal of 33.8 feet (that’s 10.3 meters just so you know) and even if you have enough money to buy it (the price is unknown at the moment but since Vizio’s 120-inch TV costs $200K this one is probably in the price range of a superb sports car or a small yacht) the giant screen will be tricky to place inside a house, even if you own a castle.

Now, the screen is a LED one, and it supports the 4K resolution (that’s 4096 x 2160 pixels). The other notable feature of the Cinema LED Screen is its 146 fL brightness, “ten times greater than that offered by standard projector technologies,” according to Samsung. And the company is right since an average cinema projector can offer a brightness of 14 fL. Of course, the screen comes with HDR (the latest trend in TVs and monitors), making it world’s first High Dynamic Range LED theater display.

The Samsung Cinema LED Screen offers a distortion-free viewing experience with deep blacks (the feature that’s one of the best things about Samsung’s AMOLED displays), accurate whites, and bright and saturated colors. That’s not all since Samsung claims that the screen offers “a nearly infinite contrast ratio,” making the experience of watching movies on it even better.

Since Samsung recently acquired JBL, the famous speaker manufacturer, the Cinema LED Screen comes equipped with incredible audio. The audio system features speakers placed all around the screen providing “Sculpted Surround Sound” along with top-of-the-line audio processing technology.

The monster screen debuted in Korea, at the Lotte Cinema. The screen passed certification by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), meaning it is ready to be used for screening movies. The screen is smaller than an average cinema screen, which measures around 50 feet (72 feet if we talk about IMAX screens), but it is big enough for smaller multiplex rooms. Samsung doesn’t just want the screen to be used in cinema. The company noted that its Cinema LED Screen can be a great choice for esports events, corporate meetings, and for classic sports broadcasts.

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$200,000 USD

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