SCOTTeVest Enforcer Jacket: Put This Jacket On And You Won’t Need A Backpack


When out camping, trailing, climbing, or doing basically anything in the wild, you need a day pack for short excursions. A backpack that’s small enough to be carried along with other, bigger pack but large enough to take all of the necessities needed for daily trips. If you aren’t attracted to the fact you have to carry an extra backpack with you, you might have to either use your main pack for short trips or get something like the new SCOTTeVest Enforcer Jacket. The jacket has so many pockets you won’t need a backpack; you’ll be able to stuff all the items in it, and it will still have room for more.

The SCOTTeVest Enforcer Jacket made by SCOTTeVEST (SeV), a company specializing in making TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) that can replace a bag, backpack, or briefcase. Their latest product is a jacket featuring 30 pockets, stealthy design, removable sleeves, water-resistant and breathable material, ergonomic zippers, and a Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management.

The jacket looks cool and urban, like a jacket made for FBI agents who need to hunt down criminals out there in the wild. It is made out of polyester that can bead off the water while still allowing the jacket to breathe.

The build quality is top-notch. All pockets are precisely stitched, and all is neatly packed. The SCOTTeVest Enforcer Jacket features a shell that won’t pick dirt, and it is also machine washable, so you will be able to clean it fast once you’re back home from adventuring.

The pockets are made with specific functions in mind. They can house your smartphone, glasses, a tablet, pens, keys, camera, water bottle, and more. One pocket is large enough to house a full-fledged laptop, like the Apple 12″ MacBook. There’s also RFID-blocking pocket so you can place your electronic stuff in it and don’t fear someone will be able to hack your stuff or get your data. The only problem with having this many pockets is the fact you might start losing stuff placed inside the jacket. All pockets feature nice small icons for the owner to know for which type of item they are designed.

The jacket features a cable management system – a patented system called Personal Area Network – so you can stash your phone inside it and have earphones available to use. Also, the jacket won’t look like a stuffed duffle bag when you fill it with items. The SCOTTeVest Enforcer Jacket is available in 8 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXL-tall, XXXL-tall) and just one color choice: black all the way.

The jacket can replace your current daily backpack, it can be worn through all seasons, and it will last for years since it is highly rugged and durable. You can fill it with electronics, or you can carry firearms along with extra clips. Aside from these, the jacket can also house food rations, water, glasses, keys, camera, and practically anything else you need while being in the wild, except a tent, it doesn’t feature a pocket for storing a tent.

The jacket can be bought from Amazon for $360, or you can order it directly from SCOTTeVest’s website for just $200.

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$200 USD

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