Sea to Sky Is A full-fledged Backpack That Can Fit Into Your Back Pocket


Quality backpacks are usually rugged pieces of design that can’t really brag about their folding skills. On the other hand, large backpacks usually offer plenty of room for all your stuff, so in the end, you have to compromise with having a stodgy backpack that can’t be carried in your pocket, but that is able to house a ton of stuff. And after all, we fill our backpacks with stuff; they aren’t the ones that will fit inside some other backpack, right? But, for the times when you want to have your hands free, but still know that you’ll need a backpack for your way back (like when going to shop for groceries) there’s the Sea to Sky, a backpack that can fit your pocket.

Sea to Sky is a lightweight, durable backpack that can fit into any pocket; still, the Sea to Sky is still a full-fledged backpack featuring 24 liters of internal space. While the backpack isn’t made to be your primary pack for adventures, hiking trips, and camping, it is perfect to serve the role of a day-to-day pack used for short field trips and walks in the woods. Also, it is perfect for grocery shopping since it can fit onto anything, but still carry a lot of items.

The Sea to Sky is waterproof (really waterproof, you can submerge it without worrying that your stuff will get wet) and made out of lightweight and durable CORDURA® material that can pack and unpack in a matter of seconds. The backpack measures in 4.9×3″ when packed into the sack, and you can unroll it and fill it in just a couple of dozen of seconds. Aside from the main compartment, the Sea to Sky pack features a water-resistant front pocket perfect for electronic equipment such as GPS trackers, smartphones, and tablet. The front pocket is one hundred percent waterproof and features a reflective zipper so you can be seen at night; a cool little bonus.

Other features include two multifunctional side pockets; large enough to hold water bottle as well as other sundries such as the flashlight, headphones, and other items you want to have easily accessible. The main compartment is fully protected with a roll top closure system, and the straps can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort and superb fit. The pack also has an adjustable sternum strap for a maximum comfort when on the go. The Sea to Sky even features a 95dB emergency whistle inserted in one of the buckles, which is an incredibly cool feature.

The backpack is available in four different color choices: the Ursus Black, The Pacific Blue, The Fire Coral, and the Kickstarter Green. The project is currently gathering funds on Kickstarter and the team behind it already managed to beat the $10,000 funding goal. The backpack costs just $59 and for the money, you’ll get an incredibly small waterproof backpack that can become incredibly big in just a couple of seconds. Sea to Sky is a perfect day-to-day pack, it is as simple as that.

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