Self-Adhesive Asphalt Repair – Cpi Driveway Medic


Probably, Cpi Driveway Ledic would not be suitable for repairing public roads, but it can handle entrances to the garage at home or an asphalt track in a private house. This scotch is real one for asphalt to cover and seal driveway cracks for many years. It can seal cracks up to 2.75m, and has width of 15cm. Just remove sand and debris, stick and then press in place. It is not afraid of water, frost and will not allow the crack to grow.I is really, really hard to rip it off, once it’s sticked on asphalt. You can even walk or drive a car. However, make sure that you use it only per instructions, make sure it is stretched out to avoid wrinkles and future lifting.

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$12 USD

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