SEQUENT Is The First Smartwatch To Come With Infinite Power Source


Smartwatches have lots of potentials. They can serve their classic purpose of showing time but can do so much more. Instead of a boring old watch, you get a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, a device that can show notifications from your phone, and a GPS tracker. This is all great, but there’s one huge downside to owning a smartwatch. Instead of using it for months, years even, before its battery dies most smart watches have to be put on a charger every few days, which isn’t something how most of us imagined using one would look like. You know, if I replace my old, dumb watch with a smart one I want for its battery to last at least for the same time (except if the old one was mechanical) it lasted on the old one. With the SEQUENT smartwatch, all problems related to battery life are gone since its battery can last infinitely.

First off, let’s clear things a bit. The SEQUENT isn’t a full-fledged smartwatch in the veins of the LG Watch, Samsung Gear, and Apple Watch. In other words, it doesn’t feature a display, you cannot take calls and read messages on it, and it doesn’t feature any advanced features like app support. But it is still a pretty handsome watch with lots of features.

First off, the design. The watch looks like a modern timepiece with simple looking dials, along with soft looking hands. The watch also features a couple of indicators and the company logo on the top. Overall, the SEQUENT is a beautiful, modern-looking smartwatch that doesn’t look like a cheap sports watch, nor does it feel like an oversized classic metal watch.

The central part of the SEQUENT is its self-charging mechanism. The watch features Swiss automatic watch movement, and the designers were able to construct a battery charging system that harnesses kinetic energy generated from movement of watch parts into electrical power able to power the watch. If the SEQUENT was a classic smartwatch with display instead of dials and hands this couldn’t be possible.

But that doesn’t matter because with the SEQUENT we finally got a watch that can work infinitely long! You don’t have to switch batteries or to charge them, let alone wound the watch. You can see the power level on an indicator placed on the left side; we just don’t get why a self-charging watch would need something like a power indicator.

Anyway, aside from being able to power itself, the SEQUENT also features the usual plethora of features. There’s a GPS, pedometer, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, biofeedback tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and the watch is waterproof (up to 50 meters). This isn’t bad, but there’s more.

By connecting the watch to the dedicated app you can see the number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, and more. The watch also features a small green notification light that can be customized to show you only those notifications important to you, which is a nice way to stay informed about new messages, emails, and other notifications important for you but not being swarmed with them.

Overall, the SEQUENT is an amazing smartwatch. Yes, it doesn’t feature a display, it can’t take your calls, and it doesn’t support apps. But it is a stylish fitness smartwatch that can show your notifications, and that doesn’t have to be charged, ever. If you want one head over to IndieGoGo and pre-order one for just $219.

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$219 USD

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