Sesame – Smart Way to Lock Your Door Without Keys


Even if there are a lot of smart door locks available, physical locks and keys still provide better security and comfort. But still there is a need to get “smart” sometimes. What if you don’t exactly remember if you locked your door or not? What if your parents are coming to visit you while you are not at home? We definitely need a solution which would be in the middle of physical door locks and smart locks using a smartphone. Candy House – producer of a Sesame smart lock provides just what we need. It’s a smart door lock which is installed and attached to a door easily  (yes, no man tools like screwdrivers are required). Once done installing a lock, configure your app, and you are good to go. There is an optional WiFi bridge – which gives you remote access anytime. You can do a lot with this lock – receive notifications when door opens or closes or selectively allow or disallow access to certain guests. The one obvious disadvantage though is – the device works in batteries (they may run out, and you receive a notification long before they are going to die). The second disadvantage is – you have to wait a little bit, while the project gathers enough funds on a Kickstarter.



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$140 USD

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