Sevenhugs Smart Remote Gives You Control Over Every Device


You probably have around half a dozen of remotes in your home right now, lying all over the place. And since most of us have at least a couple of smart gadgets, usually controlled by mobile devices, the number of remotely controlled devices reaches two-digit numbers in most households. Isn’t it cool then that there’s a Smart Remote from Sevenhugs, capable of controlling them all?

The Smart Remote is capable of manipulating any electronic device with a Bluetooth, Infrared, or Wi-Fi connectivity meaning it can be used with almost any device. TVs, speakers, every single smart device, AC units, cameras, and more. We finally got a remote made for smart home systems.

The remote features a high-definition touchscreen, and once you point it at a device the screen will quickly show a control interface for that particular device. Using the remote is intuitive, simple, and pretty straightforward.

There’s also a handy selection carousel for quickly switching to other devices, showing them all on the top of the screen. The remote can recognize any device you point it at by using a precise indoor positioning solution. Just install sensors (part of the selling package) in a room and turn it into a smart zone, a hub of sorts for controlling all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices in range of the remote.

Turn off backyard lights by pointing to a window, or brew a cup of coffee by pointing to your coffee table. With the Smart Remote, smart homes can finally become smart, allowing tenants to control any device from the comfort of their chairs.


Smart Remote can be pre-ordered on  IndieGoGo for $229, and by the end of this year, the company behind it should release additional smart sensor kits for sale, giving owners a way to control all devices from any room in their household.

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$229 USD

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