ShiftCam Lens Case Gives iPhone 7 Plus Owners A Way To Snap Perfect Photos With Their Phones


The iPhone 7 Plus packs one of the best cameras on the smartphone market with an excellent dual lens system on the back, OIS, an and optical zoom thanks to the second telephoto camera. But, with the ShiftCam, the device can really shine with six separate lenses packed inside the case.

ShiftCam looks like a usual smartphone case until you look its back. There you’ll find a mechanism providing a broad range of different lenses for the camera. There are three lenses for each objective, giving you more options during your mobile photography sessions.

You can switch between 2x telephoto zoom lens, giving the phone even better optical zoom capability, two macro lenses, a 180-degree fisheye lens, and 120 degrees wide angle lens for capturing group photos and making better panoramas.

The system enabling the user to switch between lenses is rather straightforward and easy to use. You just slide and snap the preferred lens combination and then use the same procedure to switch to other lenses.

The case itself looks durable, it doesn’t put much bulk to the phone (which is already hard to use with one hand), and it protects the device on top of equipping it with perfect tools for every photo session. It comes with a tempered grip for added security when holding the phone, a handy carrying strap, and a lens cap to protecting the lens part of the case. You can buy the ShiftCam on IndieGoGO for $99.

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$99 USD

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  1. Do not buy this product or get fooled by the hype!! This company can not even honor their first project. They will take your money and give you no response. Don’t get swindled guys! Protect yourselves

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