If You’re Looking for a Tent With Ventilation System, the Siesta4 is a Perfect Choice


The problem with tents and almost every model faces it, is that during the sunny, warm days, the sun can heat up a tent so much it becomes virtually impossible to spend time inside it. This can be especially annoying if you decide to travel to some summer music festival and stay in the camp. If you are out of luck and cannot find a spot resting in a shade the tent will become as hot as an oven just a couple of hours after sunrise. But with the Siesta4, you can “take an afternoon nap in the middle of a desert,” according to designers of this revolutionary heat and light blocking tent.

The Siesta4 is made out of special materials capable of blocking both light and heat, making a camping trip during summer something you will actually look forward to. The material used is 210T polyester taffeta cloth, the same material used for many other high-quality tents. But, the one used with the Siesta4 features a reflective coating on the outside and a polyurethane coating on the other side of the fabric. The process transforms polyester cloth to a material capable of seriously lowering the temperature inside the tent. The cloth used is extra shiny and makes the tent looking like some experimental habitat NASA is testing for using it on Mars, making the Siesta4 even cooler.

If the reflective cloth isn’t enough to convince you that Siesta4 can make summer days pleasant, allowing you to actually sleep inside it, the tent is also equipped with a ventilation system made out of 2 fans. The fans are bringing fresh air while at the same time keeping out heat via a ducted vent on the wall of the tent. This way air can circulate while keeping small insects inside. The fans can be powered via power banks, or a solar panel featuring 5v USB or 12v output.

The tent has enough room for four persons, features double-walled design, has two large double doors equipped with mesh panels. By opening both doors you can create cross-flow of air, saving the battery for powering the fans. The tent can be pretty dark even during daytime since the fabric used is really efficient at blocking light.

The Siesta4 is unique in more than one way. It looks like a habitat from the future made for other planets, it is extremely effective at blocking light and heat, and it has its own ventilation system. You can get it for $426 on IndieGoGo, with immediate shipping.

$426 USD

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