SightSaver Computer Glasses Keep Your Eyes Safe From Computer Screen Radiation


We are surrounded by screens. Each room has at least one device with a screen-based user interface. Your computer, mobile phone, tablet, and TV all radiate HEV (high-energy visible) rays that damage your eyes over time. If you spend more than six hours per day in front of the screen congratulations, you have Computer Screen Addiction. This means your eyes get damaged over time, especially retina and macula. One solution is to stop staring at the screen, and that’s pretty much impossible. The other solution is to get some eye protection, and the SightSaver Computer Glasses provide just that.

The SightSaver Computer Glasses are glasses capable of protecting you from harmful rays emitted by all displays. They look like a classic pair of sports sunglasses but have some surprises hidden under the surface.

Their lenses are enriched with a synthetic melanin and melanin is serving the role of a ray protector for our body. Melanin can be found in our skin and eyes and is there to reduce the harm our body gets from rays like the rays of ultraviolet light from the sun. And the synthetic melanin is as good as a wall against rays as the real thing.

So if you don’t want your eyes to suffer while you work, play games, or watch a favorite TV show, get a pair of SightSaver Computer Glasses and give your eyes some love. The glasses can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo for $79.

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$79 USD

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