Silo is a Smart AI-enabled Vacuum Storage For Food


We’ve seen numerous smart kitchen gadgets like smart egg cookers in the past. Amazon Alexa has recently been added to numerous products like microwaves and Bluetooth speakers. The founders of Silo smart storage vacuum containers think that the value of AI can be perceived the most in the kitchen. Silo is a vacuum container that allows keeping the food fresh for longer. It offers smart Alexa like interface that tells when your food is starting to rot.

The product has hit a Kickstarter and gained the momentum by raising 5 times more than requested under a week.

Although the idea behind the product sounds super geeky, the concept is pretty simple. There are a number of plastic containers and one base. Once you fill out the containers, you need to put them to the base so that unnecessary air is removed and the vacuum is created. Then you need to tell the Alexa like robot what product you are storing as the robot cannot yet recognize the product. You will need to reseal the containers each time you take out the fruits from them. This way, the food gets stored a little longer and the robot can answer your questions like “how much chicken is left in the container?”.

The gadget is smart enough to play any music from Spotify, to schedule a meeting and to ring an alarm clock. It can be used both with Alexa and instead of Alexa.

Silo is not the first device that offers smart storage kitchen gadget. Ovie smarterware which focuses on smart food tracking has attracted about $64,000 earlier this year. The accessory fits into any storage containers and it tells pretty much everything about your food combined with Alexa. An Ovie tag can be affixed to a typical Chinese food container or wrapped around a jar.

What makes the Silo vacuum storage containers strong is their ability to store food for five times longer than ordinary storage containers. The smart capabilities of the gadget come to provide a good user experience for us.

Currently, Silo is being offered to backers for $175 after the expiration of a $165 early bird price. The shipments are expected in June 2019.

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