Have A Shave Of Your Lifetime With The The Single Edge Razor 2.0


We are flooded with multi-blade razors that promise the best shave you will ever have. Year after year there are more and more blades stuffed into razors and the trend continues. But, do we really need those fancy razors that promise a perfect skin but tend to cost lots of money, especially when we include the replacement blades into the equation. Supply, the makers of the Single Edge Razor claim they have a perfect razor suited for everyone. They made the most popular crowdfunding razor ever and are back with the Single Edge Razor 2.0.

Unlike other razors from big brands, the Single Edge Razor 2.0 features (as its name clearly suggests) just one blade. But, is having just one blade on your razor enough for a clean, irritation-free shave? According to Supply, it is. You see, conventional, multi-blade razors aren’t really the best choice if your skin is prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. They shave your beard below the surface of the skin, pulling hairs and causing irritation. And when you think about it, it does sound correct. How many times you ended up with your skin being red as Santa’s suit, and irritated like a person with pollen allergy in the middle of a botanical garden?

With the Single Edge Razor 2.0, the pain, irritation, and ingrown hairs are matters of the past. The unique razor shaves at the surface of the skin, cutting hair without pulling, leaving you clean shaved but not damaging your skin. Further, since they are filled with blades, multi-blade razors tend to pick up hairs and shaving cream, ending up clogged and filled with bacteria. The Single Edge Razor 2.0 features just one blade that can be cleaned from hairs and shaving cream fast and easy.

Another feature you won’t find with regular razors is the ability to order a razor that’s perfect for you beard type. Regular razors come with one type of blades, and you cannot pick ones that are just for you. With the Single Edge Razor 2.0, you can pick from three shave settings – mild for sensitive skin and short beard growth, classic for classic skin, and aggressive for strong and long beard growth. No matter which beard type you have, you can pick a perfect blade, made just for you.

The razor is made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee, something you won’t find with regular razors. Buy one and be set for life, since the Single Edge Razor 2.0 doesn’t feature breakable parts, and not one percent of it is made of something else, just pure stainless steel. The blades are twice as thick as those used with other razors, and they are very easy to replace. Although the razor is pretty costly, you won’t need as many blade replacements as with regular razors and the Single Edge Razor 2.0 will last for life, instead of just a couple of years.

You can pre-order the Single Edge Razor 2.0 on IndieGoGo Market (meaning the project was funded successfully and is guaranteed to ship) for $79 (one razor along with 20 blades). For $99 you can have the razor, all three shave settings, and 20 blades.

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$79 USD

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