Sion is a Rechargeable Electric Car That can Be Yours for Less than $12,000


Depending on where you live, your streets are either dotted with electric cars or you barely seen one, but the truth is that electric cars are probably the future of personal transport. While we can see charging stations in lots of countries all over the world, the price of an average electric vehicle is still rather high. While Tesla managed to bring an electric car for $35,000 with the Tesla Model 3, the price still remains too steep for most potential owners. Well, what if we told you there’s an electric car available equipped with solar cells capable of recharging the battery, sporting a price a bit below $12,000? Meet the Sion, a rechargeable electric car available for everyone.

The Sion features integrated solar cells, spread all over the chassis, capable of recharging the car’s battery. While not being able to completely charge the battery, the array of solar cells can fill it up enough to enable up to 30 kilometers of free, solar-powered ride per day. Of course, if living in a country with short winter days, the number could drop during the winter. When fully charged, the Sion has a range of 250km, but with a catch.

You see, there are two Sion versions available, and the smaller one called Urban (looking like a two-seat Smart model) can only go 120km before it needs a charge, making it a solid choice for urban areas. If you live in a city, the Sion Urban can offer a solid range (we drive cars 22km a day on average, probably less in urban areas), humble size perfect for tight streets, and, surprisingly, four passenger seats.

The second model is called the Extender and it features more room for passengers along with five seats, a range of 250km, and a higher price tag. While the first model can be bought for around $12,000, the Extender can be yours for $16,000. Both models are equipped with 7,5 m2 of solar panels capable of charging the battery, and the car can serve as an external power band allowing you to charge other electronic devices.

The charging system can juice the battery to up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes, allowing the car to be fully charged in less than an hour. The car can achieve a speed of up to 140km/h.

The Sion can be a great choice for urban denizens. If driving 30 km per day or less (highly likely if you use the car mostly for driving to the work and back) the solar cells can give enough energy to not spend a dime on electricity, making the Sion’s price even more attractive. The Sion is available on IndieGoGo, and the first shipments should start before the end of 2017.

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$12,000 USD

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