Siren Smart Socks for Diabetics Helps to Prevent Foot Ulcers


Siren Smart Socks is the product of Siren Care brand, located in San Fransico. The socks provide intelligent wearable that gives you real time insights about your feet. Specifically, the socks have the integrated built-in sensors which provide accurate information about your feet’s temperature, moisture, and current structure of the skin. This in turn, will help diabetics patients to overcome ulcers and other kind of feet damage.

The socks will most probably be made out of cotton. Being completely safe with machine washing, they have an integrated sensors which you can remove while washing.

The app connected to a smartphone, monitors the early signs of wounds on your feet. The socks come in variety of colors and sizes. You can pre-order them for $120 in company’s website.

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$120 USD

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