Sirius B Black Cherry Is A Powerful Micro PC That Can Fit Into Your Pocket


PCs are getting smaller and smaller, but there isn’t really a PC out there that can give you the power of a powerful laptop for just a fraction of the price that is at the same time capable of playing a role of your main PC. Sure, we have Raspberry Pi computers, but they demand lots of tech knowledge and don’t really come in a plug-and-play package for us that want a powerful micro PC capable of working out-of-the-box. If you are looking for a powerful PC capable of supporting 4K and able to run most modern games you’re in luck because a small Dutch startup managed to construct the Sirius B Black Cherry, a credit card-sized PC with a power of a top tier business laptop.

The Sirius B Black Cherry looks like a posh portable hard drive. The case is miniature in size, but it comes with a pretty hefty punch. This small PC is equipped with hardware capable of playing 4K movies, it can be used to run Microsoft Office without any problems, and it can also be used for Photoshop and other programs.

With the Sirius B Black Cherry, you have a powerful little PC that can fit into your pocket. Connect it to a monitor, or a modern TV and you got yourself a powerful PC for everyday work. Since the PC is so tiny, it is perfect for freelancers who often have to move between two places (like when you stay with your girlfriend/boyfriend for a whole weekend but don’t want to drag a full-sized laptop with you), for people who aren’t really gamers but like to play CS:GO, some MOBA game, or CCG like Gwent or Hearthstone, and for people who want a media center PC in extremely small package.

Really, the Sirius B Black Cherry is a perfect micro PC. Hook it up to your monitor, grab a mouse and a keyboard and you have a nice PC for office work. Take it with you and you have a mobile workstation, connect it to a TV and watch Netflix, YouTube, or use Kodi and stream the hell out of movies and TV shows.

The PC is equipped with a Quad core Intel Atom Bay-trail x5-Z8300 CPU (4 cores@1.44 GHz, not too shabby) with a TDP rating of just 2W. The CPU comes with a solid integrated GPU chip (Intel HD Graphics 400) capable of running most games available in Windows 10 Store along with full 4K video support. The device has 4 gigs of RAM, and a choice between 32GB and 64GB of internal storage, which is expandable with MicroSD cards (you can get a 256GB card for less than $150). There’s also Bluetooth support meaning you can connect wireless keyboard and mouse, and on the back, you’ll find one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 ports. There’s also one HDMI port to connect the Sirius B Black Cherry with your TV or monitor.

The chassis is made out of aluminum, making the PC pretty rugged, and the Sirius B Black Cherry is incredibly light weighing in at just 153g / 5.4oz. You can get one on IndieGoGo market for $299 (32GB version) or $349 (64GB version) but we like the most that the company sells 64GB version without Windows 10 for just $259 (nowadays you can get a legal Windows 10 key for less than $10, making the offer even more interesting).

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$259 USD

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